Who am I, Who am I not

I have worked in the Information Technology field for over 25 years in the Pacific Northwest and California.

I was born in the US where I have benefited from several well timed business/technology events: (i) Massive growth and U.S. economic prosperity, (ii) The expansion of computer microchip processor and software technologies. (iii) Lastly, the expansion of the IT field which has created opportunities in many different industries that simply did not exist in previous decades. 

I am not a financial or legal professional, nor am I licensed to sell securities, or any other financial instruments. Given this statement, I strongly recommend that you consider this blog as entertainment value only. Although I sincerely hope that I can motivate you to learn to build your own financial knowledge and wealth.

Why Sombrero? A Sombrero is a Mexican hat that tourists wear when they vacation in Mexico. Everyone smiles when they wear a sombrero! 

Financial Sombrero website Pictures. The pictures on this website have all been taken on my cell phone- primarily in California, and in the Pacific Northwest. 

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