My Rules for Success in 2020:

1 Think of food as just a fuel source 

If you want to be healthy and lean don't obsess on food by overeating.  Yes, there are thousands of inputs telling us to try this food, this cooking technique, this new local cuisine, etc.  The fact is, humans can live off smaller amounts and less complex food sources. With minimal exceptions, you won't die from eating slightly smaller portions and lesser variety of foods. 

2 Alcohol is basically just poison 

Living without alcohol extends a healthier life. I never developed a taste for alcohol, and I have an aversion to hangovers, so thinking of alcohol as poison is really easy for me, not so easy for others. With so much emphasis on the marketing of alcohol as a solution to happiness, avoiding alcohol will put you in the minority, but I can tell you it's a great place to be. 

3 Being average and comparing yourself to mediocrity should never be your accepted view

Few people set out to be just average, but statistics tell us how so many of us end up in a group or groups of individuals who do not thrive. On average, the median salary in the U.S. is $55,000. The average U.S. worker has saved only $50,000 dollars in retirement accounts. These types of stats should be warnings and motivations to avoid falling into an average and mediocre existence. 

4 Remove yourself from Television, cable, sitcoms, sports and traditional media news

Figure out how you want to spend your valuable time. Given the high volume of alternative media outlets available sparked by technological innovation there is no reason to stare at your T.V. for any amount significant amount of time. Reading books and  listening to podcasts are great tools to absorb information. For example, learning something new from watching YouTube and trying your hand at that new something learned has proven to be a much better use of my time. 

5 Always make new acquaintances who both inspire and motivate you; move away from acquaintances who do not.

This is absolutely key and difficult for most people, myself included. However, the reward of meeting new people and moving away from the wrong people certainly outweighs the risks. 

6 Developing and respecting appropriate boundaries with extended family members will reduce stress

Stress can shorten your life, my view is to reduce the most toxic types of stress that exist by understanding what causes you stress in your family interactions. Creating the appropriate boundaries to keep the stress away from you will pay off greatly. Yes, this is not a simple thing to do for anyone, and solving these problems will require time and effort, so I don't want to make it sound as though this easily obtained. 

7 Learn and develop an understanding of new topics regularly; challenge your previous assumptions if you want to grow. I've realized that I am constantly looking back at assumptions I had previously when I read and attempt to learn new ideas about many topics. The process of concurrently learning something new and challenging of my old ideas is a valuable exercise that I could not imagine living without. 

8 Giving a deserved compliment is free, and a great start to applying a pattern of giving

As a general rule, if giving was not inherent in your upbringing, starting out by providing a well deserved, valid compliment will definitely put you on a path to understanding the many benefits of giving. 

9 Understand and quantify exactly how much time you spend on tasks.

You can never replace lost time. Understanding exactly how much time you spend on task X can help you better prioritize your time to focus on the things that bring you value. 

10 Forecast and review your net worth projections quarterly through your 99th year of living

One key personal finance piece of advice I always tell people is to map out a forecast of their portfolio growth. Whatever tools you utilize, you should be viewing and re-forecasting your net worth annually and preferably on a quarterly basis. If the successful company that pays you every two weeks is always looking into and reporting its own finances on a on-going basis, then why shouldn't you check your own portfolio forecasting just as often. 


Note that I am not a financial or legal professional, nor am I licensed to sell securities, or any other financial instruments. Given this statement, I strongly recommend that you consider this blog as entertainment value. Although, I sincerely hope that I can motivate you to learn to build your own financial knowledge and wealth.